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Emblem manufacture and offer premium quality soft luggage with high durability to make your travel experience better. Each of our products is a complete blend of durability, strong quality, and trendy style. 

Every day, we explore new ideas and influencing styles and adapt them for pleasanter results. Within the Emblem Luggage, you will find a set of fashionable collections, a sense of better buying experience, truly On-time delivery of products, quick responses, and a soothing work atmosphere.

Furthermore, our business is not limited to India, but we export premium luggage to the developed countries like Canada.  Our corporate clients are Blackberrys, Tommy Hilfiger, ItC, Usha Shriram, etc.  Our main target is middle-class audience that are in real need of right products to grow. So, we aspire to cater quality products to mass market at affordable price.


The Emblem also offers after-sales services that make us more trustworthy. Our products come with 5 years warranty that grants the customers a Win-Win situation.  So far now, we have achieved a tremendous customer base because we are true to our words. In any case, you will not get disappointed with our products. Meanwhile, our service providers are fully active to deliver the appropriate services in a short period.  Besides, our products go through various tests that define their quality and durability. All these things are effective to make Emblem, the most reliable and largest brand of luggage in India.

Theory Of Customer Satisfaction

Since the Emblem's inception, we are passionately working towards delighting our customers. We try to find every way and give our customers a little more out of the box. Our team works devotedly to meet the needs of our clients and maintain the term 'Customer Satisfaction'.

Emblem has always believed in producing quality products that guide us to give greater buyer gratification. And because our customers are fully satisfied with our products and services, they are the ones who made us succeed in our business by spreading the word of mouth.

Women Empowerment

We believe in an organic approach to empowerment. We are a tight-knit team of workers who believe in the power of peer to peer support. Every woman is unique in her own way. It is our belief that this kind of mentorship is intrinsic to our ethos and helps the women grow together. Consequently, the women of our country, when comes together, they create a solid foundation of approaches. They are the one who makes this world a better place to live.

Furthermore, It is our honor to give more excellent opportunities to the women of our country. We are proud to say that each woman in our team has been contributing innovative ideas and making Emblem more robust. Our purpose is to include as many women as possible in our manufacturing unit. This will directly give a rise to our country's women's employment rate. 

Giving Employment Opportunities

We are pleased to inform you that we are not only providing superb products but also giving employment to hundreds of employers.  We have a team of experienced craftsmen who have been working for 15 to 17 years. They are the experts of giving birth to fabulous plans and implementing them very precisely. The enormous experience allows them to create advanced quality products with unique and reliable luggage designs. 

As the Emblem extending more and more, it has been giving far better chances to the unemployed population of India. We never restrict ourselves in hiring only experienced people. Thus, we give better opportunities to the freshers and train them to use their skill power at its best. The ideas, designs, workers, machinery, clients. Everything is connected to each other. As our tagline suggests, the whole unit of Emblem works- Dil se and we are Dil se Indian.

And This is what makes our journey special.

Make In India

While the Indian population was giving preference to foreign products, Emblem stayed believing in Indian brains. The concept of 'Make in India' is now rising at a rapid rate while our firm has been manufacturing absolute Indian products since its Inception.

In the market, you will find Made in India, made in the US, made in China, etc, written on the small tags attached to the products. But have you ever noticed the importance of "Made in India" on that teensy-weensy tag?  It is not just the term, but a whole concept of the Indian Economy.

Hence, buying "Made in India" decreases the unemployment rate and becomes a reason for giving "Rozi Roti" to the needy ones.

Presently, we are working towards extending our business by setting up Emblem in Canada. It will lengthen the business as well as employment. It will also give origin to a myriad of opportunities for us.

The enduring success of our firm continues to be based on the team values and atmosphere. We pride ourselves on great teamwork, collaboration, career advancement, and an atmosphere of respect both within the company as well as with its long-standing consumers. 

Emblem: made in india for people around the world!

About Emblem Luggage

Emblem: The Indian Luggage Manufacturing Brand
We are here to present ourselves as one of the most reputed and trustworthy manufacturers of luggage in India. We initiated this brand Emblem in 2003.  

Our journey began with the intention to take the term "Made in India" to the Pinnacle. With our teams' intense performance and support of our customers, EMBLEMLUGGAGE got completely established in 2007 and become one of the most popular brands of producing high quality at reasonable rates in India. We are the leader in luxury performance luggage running with the mission of providing our consumers a wide range of bags online.

With product designs and branding that better reflects a younger more style savvy consumer, we rejuvenate ourselves every year.


In recent years, we have acquired a revolutionary tool that automates the comparison of several million manufacturers at the same time. The set up of superior machinery gives us the best outcomes that we always wish for. We have utilized high-level technology to produce the finest luggage in India. Our bags are specially designed to shape your business. The idea is to give first-class sourcing, which can be affordable by anyone.  In addition, we desire to give medium-sized firms a tool that enables them to purchase high-quality products with as little effort as possible. And this is possible with our advanced machinery set up. 

Why Emblem?

Timely Delivery <br> of Products
Timely Delivery
of Products
Customer Satisfaction is <br> our Foremost Priority
Customer Satisfaction is
our Foremost Priority
Up-to-Date with <br> New  Trends
Up-to-Date with
New Trends
Best Efforts for <br> Quality  Products
Best Efforts for
Quality Products

Customer Support

Our Motto

Our motto is 100% Customer Satisfaction. We strive to provide customers with the latest design of our collection which are best for travelling & available now at an affordable price. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our uniqueness of design, quality and excellent service delivery.

Our Mission

All along the journey Emblem provides delight consumers by anticipating their needs and carrying them through contemplative and innovative products. We provide unmatched durability in Luggage since when travel was primarily in trains and buses. From convenience, styling and variety to protection & lastingness, Emblem made a statement of one’s sense of fashion of lifestyle. Emblem has remained the favourite choice across generations ever.

Our Vision

At Emblem, we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our vision is to be the most customer-centric; best and innovative luggage company as well as To build a place where people can come to find and discover a variety of Bags Online. We at Emblem, offer a vast collection at affordable prices, fast and reliable delivery, as well as a trusted and convenient online shopping experience.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our uniqueness of design, quality & excellent service delivery.
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